03 March, 2003


MOL's C-TPAT Certification Update


MOL is pleased to report that since joining the program last year, the company has met most of the parameters required by C-TPAT, due in large part to the many safety and security procedures that were already in place at the time MOL applied to join the program.

MOL will continue to work closely with Customs in its pursuit of formal certification. Additionally, the company works closely with its service vendors to ensure that its partners also meet and exceed C-TPAT’s security guidelines.

Attention to the safe and secure carriage of cargo has been and continues to serve as the foundation for MOL’s vessel operations, terminal operations, and vendor relationships. Accordingly, MOL fully supports of all Customs security initiatives implemented for the protection of global trade against terrorism, including C-TPAT and the recent 24-hour advance manifest regulation.


For further information, please contact:

MOL (America) Inc.
North America Headquarters
2300 Clayton Road, Suite 1500
Concord, CA 94520
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