Create and manage Shipping Instructions, Print or download Bills of Lading/ Arrival Notices. The Documentation application allows you to do multiple tasks through its following sub-applications:

  • Document Sharing:  Share various documents among the customers/users.
  • Fix Booking # for S/I: Correct an erroneous booking number in a Shipping Instruction (S/I) or associate a valid Star-Net booking with an S/I.
  • Shipping Instruction: Create and manage your Shipping Instructions.
  • Arrival Notices: View, print, or download the Arrival Notice information generated.
  • B/L Printing: View, print, or download the Bills of Lading for last seven days.
  • B/L Proof Processing: Approve/amend BL proof requests sent through Star-Net over the web.
  • Invoice Download: View paid/non-paid invoices and download outstanding invoices.
  • Statement Download: Instantly download your Outstanding Statement of associated customer(s).
  • ITN: Assign an Internal Transaction Number (ITN) for a single or multiple bookings.
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