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MOL Liner Global Dry Special Services

For Your Special Dry Cargo

Have some oversized machinery to move?  Ready to move your special project cargo that needs extra attention and care?  MOL Liner is your quality partner to handle your special cargo safely and efficiently.  With extensive global network and experience, the MOL Liner team is able to serve you with the highest standard in the industry:

  • Special/precious cargo transported in highest quality marine operation and safety standards

  • Extensive port-to-port direct service network with fixed weekly sailings and fast transit time

  • Tailor-made solutions and responsive service to meet shipper’s needs

  • Comprehensive equipment supply to meet different assignment needs (20’/40’ open top and flat rack are available)

  • Dedicated global dry special management team at your service



Click here to download the MOL Special Dry Cargo Brochure

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