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Flat rack:

Flat rack containers have only a floor and four corner posts with collapsible front and rear panels.

The panels are collapsible to act as flat beds for extremely heavy cargoes.

Flat rack containers also have lashing rings mounted in many locations, making it easy to secure the cargo.

*Dimensions and payloads vary with the container specification. For example, we have a variety of sizes of 20’
flat rack containers in addition to those shown in the chart above.

Please contact your local MOL office for further information.


Open Top:

Open top containers are covered with removable canvas or plastic sheets(tarpaulins) to prevent water damage to the cargo.

A removal door header is situated at the upper part of the container door for simple cargo handling. The floor is made of the same material as a normal dry container.




40’ Flat Rack Container:


20’ Open Top Container:
40’ Open Top Container:

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