Service: CX2

Panama | Colombia | Costa Rica | Puerto Rico | Dominican Republic

Intra-Latin America

Ports of LoadingManzanilloPuerto LimonCaucedoSan JuanCartagenaBarranquillaSanta Marta
Puerto Limon2--6--678
San Juan5--12--------
Santa Marta35----16--

CX2 Port Rotation 1, 2

Origin ETA/ETD
Manzanillo, Panama (Sat/Sat)
Cartagena (Mon/Mon)
Barranquilla (Tue/Tue)
Santa Marta (Wed/Wed)
Cartagena (Fri/Fri)
Manzanillo, Panama (Sat/Sat)
Puerto Limon (Mon/Tue)
Manzanillo, Panama (Thu/Thu)
------ ------
Manzanillo, Panama (Mon/Mon)
Caucedo (Fri/Sat)
San Juan (Sun/Mon)
Manzanillo, Panama (Fri/Sat)

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  • Industry's fastest transit times from Asia to San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Connections to/from Cartagena & Puerto Limon via Manzanillo, Panama
  • After the G6 summer deployment commences, CX2 connects with NYX and PA2-TP services at Manzanillo and with AMS via rail/truck at Balboa. uses cookies to improve the performance of this site and to provide better service to our customers.By visiting this site you agree to the use of cookies as stated in our  Cookie Policy.