Service: EC4

Taiwan | China | North America East Coast

Westbound - Asia to North America East Coast

Ports of LoadingNew YorkNorfolkSavannahJacksonvilleCharleston
Cai Mep2528313234
Hong Kong3033363739

Eastbound - North America East Coast to Asia

Ports of DischargeCharlestonJacksonvilleSavannahNorfolkNew York
Hong Kong3739404345
Cai Mep4143444749

EC4 Port Rotation

Origin ETA/ETD
Kaohsiung (Thu/Fri)
Hong Kong (Sat/Sat)
Yantian (Sat/Mon)
Cai Mep (Wed/Thu)
Singapore (Sat/Sat)
New York (Mon/Wed)
Norfolk (Thu/Fri)
Savannah (Sun/Mon)
Jacksonville (Mon/Tue)
Charleston (Wed/Thu)
Singapore (Thu/Fri)
Kaohsiung (Thu/Fri)

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  • Fast, competitive transit time from SE Asia to U.S. East Coast
  • Direct service from Vietnam via the Suez Canal to New York, Norfolk, and the U.S. South Atlantic
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