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Reefer Equipment

All MOL equipment is built in collaboration with the manufacturers to meet our strict quality control standards, and conforms to standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It is also TIR certified to comply with international transportation requirements and relevant national laws and regulations.


A reefer container consists of a container shell, with a heat-insulated foam layer, and a refrigeration unit. The temperature setting is typically adjusted between -30oC and +30oC, although more extreme temperatures can be accommodated depending on equipment model and specification of the refrigeration unit.


Reefer containers are used for transporting temperature-sensitive cargoes. These mainly consist of foodstuffs such as meat, seafood, dairy products, beverages, fruits and vegetables. Non-food items, like live plants, photographic film, chemical and pharmaceutical products are also commonly transported in reefer containers. MOL’s reefer container fleet comprises two sizes: 20’ and 40’ High Cube. The chart below gives details of the dimensions and weights of our reefer containers.

*Photos: MOL Reefer Container

** The above dimension serves as sample only whilst actual container dimensions vary with different specs.

In the structural design for the bottom air circulation system, reefer containers have corrugated interior walls and a T-floor to facilitate air passage throughout the container. For effective temperature control, careful cargo stacking is necessary to avoid blocking or impeding air flow, which is critical in achieving optimal air circulation around or through the cargo

*Air flow illustration example, adapted from Carrier Transicold

Adjustable ventilation ports are available to help avoiding fresh fruits from excessive ripening during transportation. Most MOL reefer containers also contain a dehumidification function, which not only keeps fresh fruits in desired condition during voyages, but also protects other humidity-sensitive commodities such as live plants, flower bulbs, vegetables, and so forth. Reefer containers are equipped with automatic defrosters to prevent the loss of refrigeration resulting from frost generated by moisture in the condenser coils or the ventilation ports. Additional components and devices for Cold Treatment or Atmosphere Control can also be installed onto the reefer containers, depending on the regulatory requirements or specific optimal cargo carriage conditions of particular commodities.

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