Monday, 21 March 2016

OCEMA (U.S.) Adopts Verified Gross Mass (VGM) Best Practice and VGM Process Map

Dear MOL Customer:

In an effort to facilitate compliance with the IMO’s Verified Gross Mass rule, the 18 ocean carrier members of the Ocean Carrier Equipment Management Association (United States) have unanimously adopted a Recommended Best Practice for the Acceptance and Transmission of Verified Gross Mass.

Please refer to the following content:

OCEMA Press Release

OCEMA VGM Process Map

OCEMA VGM Best Practice

OCEMA is an association of 18 major U.S. and foreign flag international ocean common carriers that provides a forum for its members to discuss operational, safety, and related matters pertaining to the intermodal transportation of ocean freight within the U.S. Included in its scope are equipment-related operational, safety, and regulatory activities. OCEMA also operates the CCM chassis pool system, which manages 140,000 chassis at over 200 U.S. intermodal locations. OCEMA’s VGM website is here.

MOL may deviate from the OCEMA Best Practice as it deems necessary.


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