Tuesday, 27 August 2013

New Procedure for Brazil Import Cargo Release in Siscomex Carga

Dear MOL Customer,


Considering the new changes in Brazil law (Instrução Normativa No. 1356 published on

May 3, 2013) that suspend the requirement of presentation of the original Bill of Lading

by the importer to the terminals and bonded warehouses and also aiming to safeguard

the interest of our customers (shippers and consignees), MOL is going to reinforce its

process of cargo release by retaining one original Bill of Lading at our Brazil offices as

from June 17, 2013.


Only upon proof of all Bill of Lading charges collectable in Brazil as well as the collection

of one original Bill of Lading from customer, MOL will proceed in releasing the cargo by

unblocking current Brazil Customs System called Siscomex Carga.


MOL will not take any responsibility for improper delivery of the cargo by any

terminal or bonded warehouse without the presentation of the original Bill of Lading and

respect to the Siscomex Carga blocking field.


For more information, please contact the nearest MOL office.


Yours sincerely,


MOL (Brasil) Ltda.