Friday, 23 August 2013

Re-organization of vendor menu items

Dear MOL Vendor:


Effective Monday, September 9, 2013 vendors of MOL using the website will be able to perform all vendor-related transactions under a single menu. This will lead to an increase in operational efficiency for vendors.


Thus, the following modifications will be made in the menu structure of

·         A sub-menu, comprising of two sub-module items, Trucker and M&R, has been introduced under the Vendors menu item, which will help to perform various vendor actions.

o   Trucker is the Electronic PO module that has been renamed and moved to the Vendors menu. This Trucker sub-menu consists of an item PO or Invoice which points to the existing EPO Main window.

o   The M&R sub-menu serves as a direct link to the Maintenance & Repair application.

·         The Chassis Registration menu item can be found under NAVI-GATOR.





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