Wednesday, 10 July 2013

RE: Labor unrest at Algeciras

July 10, 2013


RE:  Labor unrest at Algeciras


Dear MOL Customer:

Since July 2, there has been labor unrest at the port of Algeciras. This unrest has impacted operations and you can expect cargo availability to be affected.

Several SVS vessels are currently impacted. The below indicates the additional delay for arrival at the next port of call (Norfolk or Colombo).

Service                   Vessel/Voyage#                                     Algeciras ETA                        Additional Delay  Original Delay

SVS                        MOL Prestige 036W                           ETA July 4                             2 days                    Proforma

SVS                        MOL Proficiency 049E                        ETA July 5                             1 day, 20 hours    3 days

SVS                        MOL Paramount 047E                        ETA July 8                             8 hours                  1 day

SVS                        MOL Paradise 053W                          ETA July 11                           5 hours                  3days, 7 hours

If any further vessels are impacted, we will provide additional updates.

If you have any questions, please contact your MOL sales representative or MOL customer service at 1-800-449-7575. We appreciate your business. Thank you.


MOL (America) Inc.