Monday, 10 April 2017

Contract Viewer on the New

Dear MOL Customer:

We are pleased to announce that MOL Liner has launched a redesigned Contract Viewer, a valuable tool on the new which helps you to get efficient online access to your contract.

The enhanced Contract Viewer provides you with the following benefits:

1. Easy-to-access online platform
Access to your contract is now available with multiple user-friendly functions which help you manage your contract whenever and wherever you want.

2. New Contract View screen with various parameters
The new Contract View screen is introduced with different filtering parameters, such as Origin, Destination, etc., which help you to easily search for specific rate-line items. Filtering functionality enables you to obtain the specific contents of the contract needed.

3. Simplified contract output
The contract output is simplified so that you can download in either Excel or PDF. An organized structure and clear categorization of rate/non-rate related details under separate tabs provides you with a smooth contract-viewing experience.

4. Contract amendment tracking
You may track the amendment history of your contract in the “Time Line” section in the Contract Viewer. The time line displays the number of revisions and the revision effective dates and enables easy checking of old records of the amended contract.

5. Surcharge information

Surcharge rule and formula information are displayed in the Contract Viewer. You can check the surcharge details on the Contract Details screen.

The redesigned Contract Viewer on empowers you to get intuitive, customizable access to your contract, enhancing your whole shipment process. Please contact your sales representative today to get Contact Viewer access. Thank you for your business.


MOL Liner Ltd.