Friday, 05 May 2017

Instructions for the Surrender of Original Bills of Lading (OBLs) and Payment | Reminder

Dear MOL Customer,

Pursuant to the MOL (America) Inc. message from January 5, 2016, please be reminded that all original bills of lading (OBLs) must be surrendered to the following office, only.

MOL (America) Inc.

2727 Paces Ferry Road, Building 2, Suite 1200

Atlanta, GA 30339

Attn: Office Administrator

 For further instruction, kindly note that MOL accepts freight payments by check and ACH/wire transfer as per the following directions. Failure to send payment to the following lockbox locations may result in cargo clearance/documentation delays.

  1.  Payment by Check*

Please send all freight payments to the lockbox locations listed below in order to ensure timely processing. Checks may take 24-72 hours (excluding weekends/holidays) from confirmed bank deposit in order to be applied.  

Checks sent by regular U.S. MAIL should be addressed to the following lockbox locations:




MOL (America) Inc.

MOL (America) Inc.

MOL (America) Inc.


P.O. Box 3289


P.O. Box 7247

Carol Stream, IL 60132-3289

P.O. Box 894031

Philadelphia, PA 19170-7573


Los Angeles, CA 90189-4031

Checks sent by OVERNIGHT COURIER should be addressed to the following lockbox locations:

MOL (America) Inc.

MOL (America) Inc.

MOL (America) Inc.

Lockbox number 7573

Lockbox number 3289

Attn: LBX# 4031

First Data/Remitco

8430 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue, FL 3

2525 Corporate Place

400 White Clay Center Drive

Chicago, IL 60631

FL 2 – Suite 250

Newark, DE 19711


Los Angeles, CA 90189-4031

 *Please be sure to note “MOL (America) Inc. account” on all enclosed envelopes.

2. Payment by Wire Transfer

MOL (America) accepts and encourages ACH and wire transfer payments at the below financial institution. Transfers may take 24-48 hours from confirmed bank receipt in order to be applied. To ensure prompt processing, please send payment details (B/L numbers, invoice numbers, individual amounts) to


Citibank New York


111 Wall Street, New York, NY 10043





Account Name

MOL (America) Inc.

Account No.




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