Thursday, 28 March 2013

RE: New G6 Alliance Asia-North America Services

Dear MOL Customer:
MOL is pleased to announce the port rotations for the new G6 Alliance Asia-North America services scheduled to begin in May 2013.
The G6 Alliance will deploy more than 50 ships calling at about 30 ports in Asia, the United States and Canada East Coast, Central America, Caribbean, Indian Sub-continent, Mediterranean, and the Middle East. The new expanded services will offer shippers a fast and reliable service product with competitive transit times, broad port coverage and efficient containerships.
The six loops are the result of the merger and revision of several existing services separately offered by the member lines plus one entirely new service, the CEC. Three of the enhanced services will sail via the Suez Canal while the other three loops will sail via the Panama Canal. The port rotations for the new G6 Alliance services are as follows:
Laem Chabang – Singapore – Colombo – (Suez Canal) - Damietta – Cagliari – Halifax – New York – Savannah – Norfolk – Cagliari – Damietta – (Suez Canal) - Jebel Ali – Singapore – Laem Chabang
Hong Kong – Yantian – Singapore – (Suez Canal) – Algeciras – Norfolk – Savannah – Jacksonville – Charleston – Algeciras – (Suez Canal) – Colombo – Singapore – Cai Mep – Hong Kong
Hong Kong – Shekou – Yantian – Singapore – (Suez Canal) - New York – Norfolk – Charleston – (Suez Canal) – Jeddah – Singapore – Cai Mep - Hong Kong
Busan – Qingdao – Ningbo – Shanghai (Yangshan) – (Panama Canal) – New York – Norfolk – Savannah – Miami* - (Panama Canal) – Busan *seasonal call
Kaohsiung – Ningbo – Shanghai (Yangshan) – Busan – (Panama Canal) - Manzanillo, Panama – Savannah – New York – Norfolk – Jacksonville – Manzanillo, Panama - (Panama Canal) – Balboa, Panama – Busan - Kaohsiung
Xiamen – Yantian - Da Chan Bay – Hong Kong – Kaohsiung – (Panama Canal) - Manzanillo, Panama – Kingston - Savannah – Charleston – Kingston – Manzanillo, Panama – (Panama Canal) - Xiamen
Please see the enclosed full service profiles and for maps and transit times. The day of calling at each port and transit times are tentative and subject to change.
If you have any questions, please contact your MOL sales representative. As always, we appreciate your business. Thank you.


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