Monday, 23 October 2017

Update No.3 on the South Africa port operations and impact on Europe-South Africa (SRX) service

Dear MOL Customer,

Below is an update on the latest port and vessel situation along the South African coast and the contingencies worked out for our Europe-South Africa (SRX) service. The situation remains very fluid, so we will send you further updates as things develop.

• Maersk Lanco v.175B – This vessel sailed from Coega on 20th October to berth on the same date in the afternoon at Port Elizabeth to load the export cargo. We expect operations at Port Elizabeth will be finalized on Saturday 21st October afternoon. After departure from Port Elizabeth, the vessel will proceed to Cape Town where we expect the vessel to operate from 22nd until 23rd October after which she will set sail for Europe.

Options for import cargo into Durban remain very limited and we continue to urge you to evaluate the below options:

1. Take delivery of Durban and Johannesburg cargo in Coega.
2. Cargo destined for Johannesburg can be delivered via rail from Coega at our normal Coega rail tariff.

• Maersk Leon v.175A/B – Vessel off port limits but due to potential delays in Coega she will perform her discharge call now in Port Elizabeth on 22nd October. Vessel is expected to sail from Port Elizabeth on 23rd October after which she will proceed to Durban, which is now set to berth during the morning of the 29th October. Vessel will be subject to a move count restriction at Durban and exports will be limited meaning there may be cargo rollover.

• Maersk Lebu v.175A/B – She is due to arrive Cape Town on schedule meaning operations are planned for 21st – 22nd October. After Cape Town the vessel will proceed to Coega where we expect the vessel to operate on 24th – 25th October. As the situation at Durban is still very difficult, a contingency plan is being prepared and we will revert on that at a later stage.

We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused and we will do the utmost to assist you to the best of our abilities.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact your local sales office. Contact details can be found on our website


MOL (Europe) B.V.