Friday, 03 November 2017

Thailand's New Customs Act, B.E. 2560 - Effective November 13, 2017

Dear MOL Customer,


Please be advised that the new Thailand Customs Act, B.E. 2560 was published and becomes effective November 13, 2017 based on vessel arrival date for inbound cargo and based on vessel sailing date for outbound cargo.


Although the wording of the new Act is slightly different than that of the old Act, the basic objective and intent is similar. Packages of goods must bear a shipping mark and the shipping mark must also appear in all relevant documents.


According to Chapter 3, Section 59 of the New Thailand Customs Act, the rule for declaration of ‘Shipping Mark‘ remains the same as the Old Thailand Customs Act B.E. 2469, Section 118. “All packages containing goods shall bear marks and numbers, and such marks and numbers shall be shown on all documents relating to such goods“.


Therefore, please refer to the following guidelines in accordance with clarification provided to MOL by the Bangkok Shipowners and Agents Association:

·         The declaration must be actual and the same as the mark or label on the package.

·         If the shipping mark is a picture, please indicate the wording ‘Picture‘ or ‘Trade Mark‘.

·         If the cargo has no shipping mark, please indicate the wording ‘No Shipping Mark‘.


Failure to comply with the above policy and guidelines may result in a fine not exceeding THB 50,000 in compliance with the New Thailand Customs Act (Chapter 9, Section 211) and the Old Thailand Customs Act (B.E. 2469, Section 119).


For more information about the New Thailand Customs Act, B.E. 2560, please visit the website of Thailand Customs (Thai version only) at:


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