Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Update No.8 on the South Africa port operations and impact on Europe-South Africa (SRX) service

 Dear MOL Customer,

Below you can find the most recent update on the next SRX service departures ex South Africa:

·         Ocean Blue Voy 176B – In our previous update the departure of this vessel was scheduled for 28th November.  Regretfully some further delays have been incurred and arrival at Cape Town is now planned for 28th November PM following which the departure date has been pushed back to 30th November.


·         Maersk La Paz Voy 176 A/B – Berthed as planned at Durban on 24th November, with departure still planned for 29th November.  Port Elizabeth arrival is scheduled for 30th November, departing 1st December.  She is scheduled to berth at Cape Town on 3th December with estimated departure date 4th December. In order to protect the pre-Christmas arrival of grapes it was decided to omit the Algeciras Northbound call.   In addition, London Gateway and Rotterdam arrival positions in Europe will be swapped.


·         Maersk Luz voy 176 A/B – Still scheduled to arrive at Durban on 1st December, with departure now planned for 4th December.  Port Elizabeth arrival is set at 8th December with departure estimated at 9th December.   Cape Town arrival and departure dates will follow later.


·         DAL Karoo Voy 176A/B –  Berthed at Coega (Ngqura) 23rd November and departs 24th November.  The vessel will be at anchorage in Durban and scheduled to berth 7th December with departure set at 10th December.   Port Elizabeth arrival and departure dates will be advised closer to the time of arrival at Port Elizabeth.


·         MOL Proficiency Voy 176A/180B –  Berthed at Cape Town 26th November with departure on 27th November.   Her Coega (Ngqura) berthing is scheduled for 29th November with departure 30th November.  She will be at anchorage in Durban and scheduled to berth 14th December with an estimated departure date of 18th December.   Her Port Elizabeth and Cape Town arrival dates will be advised at a later stage.


·         Maersk Lanco Voy 176A/180B –  Scheduled to berth Cape Town 2nd December with departure set at 3rd December.   Based on current information available we expect she will berth at Coega (Ngqura) 5th December with departure 6th December.  Her Durban arrival and departure dates will be communicated closer to the time or arrival.


We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused and we will do the utmost to assist you to the best of our abilities.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact your local sales office. Contact details can be found on our website


MOL (Europe) B.V.