Friday, 09 February 2018

Transpacific Westbound PN2 Service: MOL Prestige (Update No. 6)

We would like to provide the following update on the status of the MOL Prestige V.048W in the PN2 service which has been delayed sailing to Tokyo due to an engine room fire.

  • Ocean tug DENISE FOSS towing operation of the MOL Prestige is in progress towards the port of Seattle.
  • Due to weather conditions, ETA Seattle is delayed to 23:59 PST on February 11.
  • After arriving at Seattle, investigation of ship status will be conducted and we will determine whether all cargo should be discharged or not.
  • Vessel electric power is still under emergency generator supply. However, there’s no electricity supply for refrigerated units on board.
  • The relief ship PAXI 101E/W will cover the original position of MOL Prestige V.049E/W position (PN2 service: ETD Singapore February 14) as per the original schedule.

We regret the inconvenience caused and will do everything reasonably possible in the circumstances to expedite cargo delivery. Please be assured that we will provide further updates as soon as they become available. If you have any further questions, please contact your MOL sales or customer service representative. As always, we appreciate your business.



MOL Liner Ltd.