News Release

Tuesday, 07 January 2014

MOL Enhances Intra-Asia Service Network: Renewal of “HS3” and New Service “HS4”

January 7, 2013 – Hong Kong – MOL Liner Ltd. (MOL) today announced an enhancement of its Intra-Asia service network with new rotation of “HS3” and new Japan-Strait service “HS4”, offering competitive service despite potential schedule disruption as a result of recent port congestion(s) in the region.

1.    Renewal of “HS3” with New Feeder Service “AJS”  
MOL will introduce Singapore-Jakarta feeder service (“AJS” is operated by MOL) to stabilize the service schedule of “HS3”. This will help maintain competitive transit times from Japan to Jakarta by transshipment to this dedicated feeder service and reduce the risk of accumulated delays at port(s).

Furthermore, the new “HS3” will add a direct call at “Shekou” on the Northbound rotation to cover service needs from/to the port of “Shekou”.

2.    New Service “HS4”
MOL will offer a new service “HS4” to link Japan-Taiwan-Hong Kong-Jakarta. HS4 is operated by Orient Overseas Container Line as there named “KTX3”, and MOL will have space on this service.  

The “HS4” route will enhance MOL's own network to offer a wide variety of both inbound and outbound services. Significantly, HS4 will offer the direct link between Nagoya/Kobe/Keelung and Jakarta, and from Jakarta to Tokyo/Nagoya. It will also enhance the new MOL direct network i.e. from/to Keelung and from/to Shekou.

MOL will continue to provide high-quality services and extensive port coverage to meet diverse customer needs.


New Rotation

Osaka(Mon/Tue) – Yokkaichi (Tue/Wed) -  Yokohama(Wed/Thu) – Tokyo (Thu-Fri) –
Hong Kong (Mon/Tue) – Singapore(Fri/Sat) – 1st Port Kelang (Sat/Sun) –
2nd Port Kelang (Tue/Tue) – Singapore (Wed/Thu) – Caimep (Sat/Sun) –
Shekou(Tue/Wed) – Hong Kong(Thu/Fri) – Osaka  (Mon/Tue)  

T/R 28 days (4 ships by MOL Operation)

Commencement of new schedule

MV “MOL Devotion 013S, Osaka ETA February 10, 2014

AJS (New Singapore-Jakarta Shuttle Service)


Singapore (Sat/Sun) – Jakarta (Tue/Wed) – Singapore

Commencement of service

MV TBA, Singapore ETA March 1, 2014

HS4 (New Japan-Taiwan-S.China-Jakarta Service)


Tokyo(Mon/Tue) – Nagoya(Tue/Wed) – Yokkaichi(Wed/Wed) – Kobe(Thu/Thu) – Keelung(Sat/Sun) – Hong Kong(Mon/Tue) – Shekou(Tue/Wed) –  Singapore(Sat/Sun) – Jakarta(Mon/Wed) – Shekou(Wed/Wed) – Hong Kong(Wed/Thu) – Tokyo

T/R 28 days (4 ships Operated by OOCL)

Commencement of service

MV “OOCL Australia 115, Tokyo ETA February 10, 2014