Thursday, 31 July 2014

Asia – Europe Service – Loop 4 : Temporary move to Antwerp

Dear MOL Customers,

There have been serious congestion problems at the Rotterdam ECT Delta/Euromax terminals.
Despite actions undertaken by ECT the latest information received indicates that we should not expect the

situation to improve significantly in the near future.

In order to reduce the stress on the ECT Terminal and to provide you with the best service possible
under the circumstances, MOL and our G6 partners agreed to move the next 4 Asia-Europe

Loop 4 sailings to Antwerp (PSA Quay 1742) instead of calling Rotterdam ECT.

The following Loop 4 vessels will be moved to Antwerp :

Vessel Name    Code     Operator     Vog.(WB)       Vog.(EB)        ETA @ANR

Ludwigshafen Express  LWX HLC    002W 27      002E32          12 Aug.

APL Temasek  TEK2      APL               007W28       007E33          19 Aug.

Hyundai Tenacity HTE     HMM            012W29        012E34          26 Aug.

OOCL Berlin        OBN2    OOCL         007W30        007E35          2 Sept.

Imports ex Asia to Rotterdam discharged at Antwerp from one of the above vessels/voyages will be
barged to Rotterdam unless you would like to take delivery of your cargo at Antwerp. Also for exports we
will provide for a barge option ex Rotterdam or you can deliver your cargo directly at Antwerp PSA Quay


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


MOL Liner Ltd.