News Release

Tuesday, 09 December 2014

MOL Improves Intra-Asia Service Network: Enhancement of “CBW” and “CVT” with New Feeder Service “MSS”

MOL Liner Ltd. (MOL) today announced the enhancement of their Intra-Asia service network with new rotations of the “CBW” (West Japan Korea Thailand Service) and ”CVT” (China Vietnam Thailand Service) as well as a new Manila feeder service named “MSS” (Manila South Shuttle). The enhancement will provide a more competitive and stable product to MOL’s customers.


The new feeder service, “MSS”, which will be operated by MOL and Regional Container Lines (“RCL”), will contribute directly to the schedule enhancement of the “CBW” and “CVT” by omitting Manila.  The new service will run between Laem Chabang – Manila – Cai Mep.


The updated “CBW” will add a direct call at Cai Mep on the Southbound rotation to cater to the service needs from/to the port of Cai Mep, strengthening MOL’s service network to/from Manila and Cai Mep, as well as their transshipment arrangement at Cai Mep.


With the improvement of their Intra-Asia service network, MOL will continue to provide high-quality services and extensive port coverage to cater to diverse customer requirements.


The new rotation of the “CBW” and “CVT” are as follows:


1.  CBW

New rotation

Osaka (Thu/Thu)  – Kobe (Thu/Fri) – Moji (Sat/Sat) – Hibikinada (Sat/Sat) – Hakata (Sun/Sun) – Busan (Mon/Mon) – Cai Mep (Sat/Sun) – Laem Chabang (Tue/Tue) – Bangkok (Wed/Thu) – Osaka (Thu/Thu) 


T/R: 21 days (3 ships by MOL operation)


Commencement of new schedule 

MV “Victoria Trader” 1004S, ETA Busan, Effective December 1, 2014

2. CVT
New rotation
Qingdao (Mon/Tue) – Shanghai (Wed/Thu) – Cat Lai (Tue/Thu) –  Laem Chabang (Sat/Sun) – Qingdao (Mon/Tue)

T/R: 21 days (2 ships by MOL operation, 1 ship by RCL operation)

Commencement of new schedule
MV “MOL Sparkle” 1002N, ETA Laem Chabang, Effective December 20, 2014

3. MSS
New Rotation
Laem Chabang (Mon/Mon) – Manila (Fri/Sat) – Cai Mep (Fri/Fri) – Laem Chabang(Mon/Mon)

T/R: 14 days (1 ship MOL operation, 1 ship by RCL operation)

Commencement of new schedule
MV “Cape Melville” 0092N, ETA Laem Chabang, Effective December 22, 2014