On Time Performance

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

MOL Announces On-Time Arrival Performance Results for January - March 2015

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL; President: Koichi Muto) today announced the On-Time Arrival Performance quarterly results for January to March 2015 for the major trade lanes as an effort of upgrading and improving the quality of services MOL Liner offers.

MOL has established a set of goals for KPIs including on-time arrival performance to offer industry-leading transparency to customers and to showcase MOL's strength as a carrier that provides high quality service. (Press release issued on March 2, 2012)

Measurement criteria are:

> Scope of trade lanes is

East-West Trade:
          Asia-U.S. West Coast, Asia-U.S. East Coast, Transatlantic, Asia-Europe, Asia-Mediterranean 
North-South Trade:     
Asia-East Coast South America, Asia-Mexico/West Coast South America, Europe-Africa
Intra Asia Trade:            
Intra Asia

When a vessel arrives at the first port of destination area for both directions, eastbound and westbound, within 24 hours of scheduled time of arrival, the voyage is regarded as On-Time Arrival.

> In each trade, Table 1 covers all vessels in the above scope and Table 2 covers vessels under MOL operations. Both results are weight-averaged based on MOL space allocation of each service.





Due to the lingering effects of labor issues on the U.S. West Coast, both Asia – U.S. West Coast and Transatlantic (pendulum) services’ performance deteriorated further in January - March 2015.


Performance of Asia - U.S. East Coast services improved due to various schedule recovery programs, including additional relief vessels and port omissions.


Overall Asia - Europe and Asia - Mediterranean services performance did not improve in January - March 2015 due to ongoing port congestion at Shanghai, Hong Kong, Europe Ports, and Port Said, plus low productivity in Singapore.




The on-time performance of MOL’s Asia - ECSA service (CSW) improved from 92% in October – December 2014 to 100% in January - March 2015. Although South African ports (Cape Town and Ngqura) were still generally facing strong wind conditions in January – March 2015, delays were avoided by securing appropriate berth windows and making schedule adjustments.

The change of coastal schedule in response to Keelung’s port closure during the Chinese New Year period negatively affected the on-time performance of vessels operated by MOL on the Asia-WCSA service (CWL). However, overall performance of the service improved from 87% to 93% due to improvement upon Asia port congestion issue.

The Europe - West Africa service (ARN) schedule was negatively impacted by delays in Abidjan due to congestion, which also impacted the SB arrival in Tincan.

On the Europe - South Africa service (SRX), departures from Cape Town were affected by adverse weather conditions (severe wind) delaying departures 2 - 4 days.



In January - March 2015, CHS/HS3 on-time performance improved due to alleviation of port congestion.


CBE/CBW on-time performance improved significantly due to the removal of the Manila call from the rotation.