Wednesday, 10 June 2015

GPX Service Update

Dear MOL Customer:


As per our May 13 letter, after careful evaluation of our service network, MOL decided to migrate from the West Coast South American Service (ACW) into a new GPX product with MOL as the sole vessel operator. Please find the attached GPX service profile for the complete port rotation, map, and transit time tables.


The first sailing of MOL’s new GPX is scheduled for today. The service benefits include:


  • Weekly service with 14-day turn-a-round schedule

  • Port Rotation*:                        Balboa-Callao-Paita-Guayaquil-Balboa

  • Vessel Operator:         MOL (2 vessels)

  • Improved schedule reliability

  • More secure relay connections at Panama to/from AMS, PA2, NYE, SCE, CX1 and CX2

  • The startup of the new GPX coincides with the start of our new AMS service and the GPX and AMS will have relay connection capability at Panama.

  • We will continue to have relay connection capability at Callao to/from our CWL service, which covers Chilean ports, Valparaiso, Lirquen, and Iquique.


The scheduled first sailings of MOL’s new GPX are:


Southbound: Magari v.00122

Loading:          Balboa (June 9)


Northbound:  Magari v.00122

Loading:          Callao (June 14)


We appreciate your continued support while we implemented the service enhancement. If you have questions, please contact your MOL sales representative. We appreciate your business.





MOL (America) Inc.




*Northbound Buenaventura loading will be covered by our AMS service. Please see the attached AMS service profile.