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Monday, 20 July 2015

MOL Liner Ltd. Establishes 99.5% Documentation Accuracy and 99% Invoicing Accuracy Performance Target

As the industry leader in service-level transparency, MOL Liner Ltd. today announced that it has begun public disclosure of China Export documentation accuracy and invoicing accuracy rates.

MOL has established a performance standard of 99.5% for documentation accuracy and 99% for invoicing accuracy. On a monthly basis, the results of these Regional key performance indicators (KPI) will be disclosed to customers on

“In 2012, MOL became the first ocean carrier to publicly disclose export documentation accuracy rates for Asia Export (including Asia to U.S. and Asia to Europe) and U.S. Export and now we are further strengthening communications with our valued customers to enhance the transparency of various aspects of the business,” said Richard Hiller, Chief of Commercial, MOL Liner Ltd and Deputy Managing Director, MOL Asia. “We understand that documentation and invoicing accuracy are of great importance to our customer.”

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