On Time Performance

Thursday, 30 July 2015

MOL Liner Ltd. Establishes 100% On-Time Departure Performance Target for the Key Services Calling at China Ports

July 30, 2015 – Hong Kong – As the industry leader in service-level transparency, MOL Liner Ltd. today announced that it has begun public disclosure of vessel on-time departure performance on the key services calling at China ports.

MOL has established a 100% on-time departure performance goal. On a quarterly basis, MOL will release its on-time departure performance for ships under MOL’s operation as well as for all vessels in which MOL takes slots. The results will showcase MOL's strength as a transparent carrier that provides high quality service.


>  Scope of trade lanes and services

East-West Trade: Asia-U.S. West Coast (SE2-E)

                              Asia-U.S. East Coast (SVS-E)

                              Asia-Europe (LP4-W) 

North-South Trade: Asia-East Coast South America (CSW-S)

                                  Asia-Mexico/West Coast South America (CWL-E)

                                  Asia-South Africa (SAC-W and SAS-W)

Intra Asia Trade: Japan-China/Straits (CHS-S and HS3-S)



>  Measurement criteria are:

  • We measure vessel departure in China, within 24 hours of scheduled actual time of departure versus proforma. A voyage is regarded as on-time if it departs the last China port of call within 24 hours of proforma.
  • In each trade, Table 1 covers all vessels in the above scope and Table 2 covers vessels under MOL operations.

The China market contributes significant volume for most of our global service portfolio and therefore, providing on-time performance is of critical importance for our customers.

“We believe that this standard is achievable,” said Richard Hiller, Chief of Commercial, MOL Liner Ltd. and Deputy Managing Director, MOL Asia. “Our objective is to continue to provide reliable services to customers so that they can “Count On MOL.”.”





LP4-W performed with 100% punctuality on Asia-Europe services West Bound schedule. 


For SVS-E, one East Bound voyage was delayed due to the previous return West Bound voyage which experienced delay at Suez Canal and Norfolk. However, the SVS-E on-time performance from April to June 2015 achieved an overall 91% punctuality of Asia-U.S. East Coast route.


For SE2-E, due to the berth congestion at Laem Chabang on the Asia-U.S. West Coast and Asia-U.S. East Coast, the repair work of the vessel and labor issues at the Port of Oakland on the Asia-U.S. East Coast, the on-time performance was impacted.


MOL’s Asia-East Coast South America service (CSW-S) 100% on-time performance supported consistent schedule reliability.


On-time performance for Asia-Mexico/West Coast South America (CWL-E) was impacted by port congestion at Shanghai and Ningbo due to dense fog.

For the two Asia-South Africa (SAC-W and SAS-W) voyages from April to June 2015, one voyage was delayed due to operational limitations which required the vessel to sail at low speed. Another voyage was delayed due to port closures at Shanghai and Ningbo.



Two CHS-S voyages were delayed due to berth congestion at Hong Kong as well as gantry crane breakdown at Tokyo which caused longer operation time.

For HS3-S, one voyage was delayed due to dense fog at Yokkaichi and low port productivity at Tokyo and Hong Kong. One voyage was delayed due to low port productivity at Port Kelang North Port which affected the South Bound Hong Kong schedule.