On Time Performance

Thursday, 29 October 2015

MOL Announces On-Time Arrival Performance Results for July - September 2015

October 29, 2015 – Hong Kong – Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL; President: Junichiro Ikeda) today announced the On-Time Arrival Performance quarterly results for July to September 2015 for the major trade lanes as an effort of upgrading and improving the quality of services MOL Liner offers.


MOL has established a set of goals for KPIs including on-time arrival performance to offer industry-leading transparency to customers and to showcase MOL's strength as a carrier that provides high quality service. (Press release issued on March 2, 2012)

Measurement criteria are:

> Scope of trade lanes is

East-West Trade:       Asia-U.S. West Coast, Asia-U.S. East Coast, Transatlantic, Asia-Europe, Asia-Mediterranean 

North-South Trade:   Asia-East Coast South America, Asia-Mexico/West Coast South America, Europe-Africa
Intra Asia Trade:       Intra Asia 

>When a vessel arrives at the first port of destination area for both directions, eastbound and westbound, within 24 hours of scheduled time of arrival, the voyage is regarded as On-Time Arrival

>In each trade, Table 1 covers all vessels in the above scope and Table 2 covers vessels under MOL operations. Both results are weight-averaged based on MOL space allocation of each service.



Both Asia – U.S. West Coast and Asia – U.S. East Coast services continued to improve in overall on-time performance. In particular, vessels under MOL operation achieved 98% and 90% on-time performance respectively. Considerable alleviation of terminal congestion at Oakland contributed to the improvement. 

 The Asia – Europe services maintained a high level of on-time reliability and vessels under MOL operation achieved 100% on-time performance.


Asia – Mediterranean services maintained a high level of on-time performance. 

II.    North-South Trade

 >The below services are measured:

Asia – ECSA (“East Coast South America”) (CSW)
Asia – Mexico/WCSA (“West Coast South America”) (CWL)
Europe – South Africa (SRX)

>The measuring ports are as follows:


Asia–ECSA service maintained high on-time performance. A delay was only observed due to strong wind while the vessel was passing South Africa waters.


Asia–WCSA service under MOL operation achieved 100% on-time performance continuously while overall performance reduced to 86% due to occasional berth congestion affecting partners’ operating voyages.


Europe – South Africa service under MOL operation continuously achieved 100% on-time performance. The overall performance decreased due to inclement weather and berth congestion at South African ports affecting partners’ operating voyages.

A typhoon impacted Japanese ports and Hong Kong and caused some delays on the Intra-Asia services.

The CHS on-time performance slipped to 81% as a result.

For the HS3, MOL was still able to achieve a strong on-time performance result of 95% because of a relatively large buffer time in the HS3 schedule that enabled catch-up once delayed by the typhoon.

Performance of the CBE and the CBW was primarily impacted by the typhoon, occasional port congestion at Laem Chabang, and a crane breakdown at Manila.