Friday, 04 March 2016

Asia-Europe Schedule Update

Dear MOL Customer,


MOL is pleased to announce the enhancement of LP4 and LP5 services in order to continue to offer competitive transit time and additional port coverage on Asia - Europe trade.



The westbound Xiamen, Shekou, Hong Kong, Colombo, Antwerp and the eastbound Antwerp and Jebel Ali will be added into LP4. It will stop calling at Port Said from week 10 and Le Havre from week 12.


New port rotation:

  • Ningbo (Fri/Sat) -- Shanghai (Sat/Mon) -- Xiamen (Tue/Wed) -- Shekou (Thu/Fri) -- Hong Kong (Fri/Fri) -- Yantian (Fri/Sat) -- Singapore (Tue/Thu) -- Colombo (Sun/Mon) --Southampton (Tue/Thu) -- Antwerp (Thu/Fri) -- Hamburg (Sun/Mon) -- Rotterdam (Tue/Thu) -- Jeddah (Fri/Sat) -- Jebel Ali (Sat/Sat) -- Singapore (Tue/Fri)

    -- Hong Kong (Tue/Wed) -- Ningbo (Fri/Sat)


Effective voyage:

  • Week 10: NYK Blue Jay 001W08, ETA Ningbo February 26, 2016, ETA Le Havre March 31, 2016

  • Week 12: Hyundai Pride 008W10, ETA Ningbo March 11, 2016, ETA Southampton, April 12, 2016


The westbound Kaohsiung and the eastbound Shekou will be added into LP5. Rotterdam will be called from week 10 and Le Havre will be added from week 11.

New port rotation:

  • Kwangyang (Fri/Sat) -- Busan (Sat/Mon) -- Shanghai (Tue/Wed) -- Ningbo (Thu/Thu) -- Kaohsiung (Sat/Sun) -- Yantian (Sun/Mon) -- Singapore (Fri/Sat) -- Le Havre (Fri/Fri) -- Rotterdam (Sat/Tue) -- Hamburg (Tue/Fri) -- Southampton (Sun/Mon) -- Singapore (Thu/Fri) -- Shekou (Tue/Tue) -- Kwangyang (Fri/Sat)

Effective voyage:

  • Week 9: Hyundai Smart 019W07, ETA Kwangyang February 19, 2016, ETA Rotterdam March 26, 2016

  • Week 10: APL Chanqi 003W08, ETA Kwangyang February 26, 2016, ETA Rotterdam April 2, 2016

  • Week 11: Hyundai Ambition 018W09, ETA Kwangyang March 4, 2016, ETA Le Havre April 8, 2016


    The updated LP4 and LP5 service profiles for maps and transit times are available on


    If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact your local sales representatives.  

Yours faithfully,


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